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About Us

At Cell Renew Medical Spa, we focus on creating a unique experience that helps men and women look and feel good, be comfortable with themselves, increase confidence, foster happiness, and with it, health inside and out. We invite you to live the CR experience. Feel free to be you in a perfect balance between beauty and wellness.

Wendy Aguilar & Dr Mario Hernandez
Wendy Aguilar & Dr Mario Hernandez
Wendy Aguilar Cell Renew
Wendy Aguilar & Dr Mario Hernandez

Wendy Aguilar

Wendy Aguilar
Wendy Aguilar | Cell Renew Tampa
Wendy Aguilar

Wendy is a Certified Medical Aesthetician, Certified Electrologist CCE, CME, and holds a bachelor’s degree in Alternative Medicine. Wendy combines her 10 years of experience in the health field with her passion for beauty and her knowledge of wellness to create an overall health and beauty plan, so you achieve the best version of yourself. The skin reflects health and Wendy believes that true beauty starts within.

Wendy has traveled all around the world cultivating her techniques. She has studied in Miami, NYC, Europe, and South America and continues her education so she can bring you the newest products and techniques. She created Cell Renew to help men and women become the BEST version of themselves, inside and out.

Mario Hernandez

Dr. Mario F. Hernandez is a board-certified family medicine doctor in Tampa, Fl. He is affiliated with multiple hospitals including St Joseph Hospital-Tampa and St Joseph Hospital South-Riverview. He obtain his medical degree from Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara and did his Residency Training at the University of Kentucky. He obtained additional skin care and procedure training in Mexico, Colombia, and Spain. He has been in medical practice for over 10 years.

Dr Mario Hernandez

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